Build ONE 2 Plant ONE

This exciting program is based on a great relationship between a strong church in the US and a young church in Europe. It allows both sides to sit together and with a blank piece of paper and design a plan to impact that region. Both churches working together over one to three years, to help that European church to grow strong enough to plant a new church out of it. You can be a part of using your missions dollar, your leadership team, interns and congregation members to be hands-on involved in missions. Itʼs having a partner church in Europe. A great way to reproduce your church in Europe and invest in one of the darkest spiritual places on the planet.

Why reinvent the wheel? Adopt a young European church, build it up, help it plant another church.

Phase ONE
IN-REACH. The initial focus is on making sure that the young European church has all the structure, systems and people in place, in order to effectively grow.  This phase will require training, staff development and making sure the European church has the right DNA and is healthy. Help them develop a clear vision, mission statement and growth-plan ready for taking on the challenge of growing.

Phase TWO
OUT-REACH. This phase is fun. Once an effective way of reaching out to the people in that culture has been discovered, you are ready to throw out the net. Missions teams, concerts, special speakers and seminars, street ministry, kids and youth events etc. could all be great tools to bring in the harvest. With everything in place, the church is ready to disciple the new people to maturity.

Re-PRODUCE. At this part of the journey, the US church becomes the cheer leader. Not as involved as before and yet standing close enough to make sure the growth and development in the European church is continuing. At any time ready to jump in, but allowing the young church to prove itself. As all three phases are based upon a strong and transparent relationship between both churches, the friendship and partnership can grow wherever both sides desire.

Contact Alicia at the US office and we will help you select a perfect match from a number of European churches who are ready to commit to a great journey together with you and your church.