What is your legacy?

What Is Your Legacy?

When you die, what kind of legacy will you leave your children? Will it be money, stocks and real estate? Or would you like to leave your children something permanent? What is that? It is helping your children develop a real relationship with God. How can you do this? It is easy but it takes commitment and it is never too late to start. The benefit will be that your child will develop their own lifelong, personal relationship with God. The important part is that you do not have to be a pastor or minister to help your child.

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ now? If not, then we need to start with you. Any relationship spiritually or naturally is developed by the amount of time we spend with the other person. All relationships start with little or no knowledge about the other person. As we find out more about them, we choose to either develop or forget about that relationship. It is the same with God.

The more devotional time we spend reading His Word and praying, the more we learn about Him and his nature. We learn about why he created us and what He did for us. Ultimately, He created mankind to have a relationship with Him.

The Bible talks about men being the head of the house and the priest in the family. That principle not only applied in Jesus’ time on earth but for all men of all ages. This scripture also implies that all men even if they are not “officially” pastors or ministers can and should be the priest in their family. Becoming the godly head of the house will have a positive effect on your family and marriage.

You cannot expect a child or anyone else to follow you in this adventure if you are not doing it too. Your family needs you to lead them. If you accept this challenge, the result will be something you and your family will value and remember forever.

Decide on the amount of time you will commit to reading the Bible and in daily prayer. Keep it real and reasonable so you will be able to maintain your own commitment. The Holy Spirit will take advantage of every minute we give Him. The positive effects of your devotion time will benefit you all day long.

During your devotional time, ask the Holy Spirit to give you some ideas on how to work with your children and this new idea. Expect an answer. Thank Him for what you have and need. Tell Him what is in your heart. You have no problem talking to a friend about things happening in your life. It does not have to be a “religious event”. Not only talk but take time to be quiet and listen. The Holy Spirit can give you the answer in a variety of ways.  It can come though the scriptures, an inner voice or even a friend or stranger, just be sensitive and listen.

God loves to hear from us — about everything. As parents, it is our responsibility to impart biblical and spiritual wisdom to our children. It is not just the local church’s responsibility.

Make the commitment and start with these simple steps. The watch and see the benefits it will bring you and your family.

Larry Blakeslee
EuropeAdvance Lead Team
First Step Ministries,  Inc.

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