Church Planting Philosophy

While there are many ways to plant churches, Europe Advance seeks to establish strategic and intentional church plants.

In our society, people are bombarded by messages on radio and television, the Internet, newspapers, promotional material, etc. Because of this information overload people will not notice a new church that is being planted in their community unless a serious promotional effort is made through high-quality advertising, flyers, websites, press releases, and low threshold community events.

This high quality promotion forces the church plant to offer a few high quality ministries right from the beginning, especially Sunday worship services, children’s ministries, and small groups. All these ministries can only be offered from the beginning if the church planting project is a team effort from the start. Therefore, church planters are required to gather a team around them and have a core group of people available before the launch.

As soon as the church is launched, additional ministries will be started that will cater to the needs of the people who are interested in attending the church.

Europe Advance assists the church planter by offering
1) Resources
2) Training
3) Mentoring
4) Networking
5) Financial support

In the process before the launch, Europe Advance helps the church planter to define the vision and target group of the church, the anticipated church culture, style of ministry, and church planting strategy.