Church Planting Process

0. Attend Church Planters Roundtable

The first step in planting a church with Europe Advance is attending a Church Planters Roundtable (CPR) where training and a broad array of resources are offered.

1. Application Phase

Complete the Europe Advance church planter’s application. The references of the church planter will be contacted to verify character and fruitfulness as a gatherer of people in the local church as well as his calling for church planting. Also other factors will be evaluated during this phase, such as the location of the church plant, the exposure of the church planter to a “life-giving” church model, the church planter’s suitability to the overall Europe Advance vision, the supportiveness of the church planter’s home church, and the quality of the church planter’s plan

2. Assessment Phase

Upon approval of the application, the next step is for the church planter and his spouse to attend a Church Planter’s Assessment. This is typically about two months after the CPR. The church planter will be taken through a series of leadership profiles, interviews, and group interaction to help determine his ability to launch a church. The church planter must receive a recommendation to proceed as a Europe Advance church plant. The Assessment is not designed to question the church planter’s calling but to determine if his vision is a match for Europe Advance. At the end of the phase the leadership of Europe Advance decides if they will allow the church planter to continue on to phase

3. Preparation Phase

Generally, the church planter will do an internship in a Europe Advance church. Also, the church planter writes a final plan. Afterwards the church planter moves to his target city if he not already moved to the city yet. During this phase, the church planter must build a launch team of at least 25 adults, raise a minimum of € 10.000, get a worship team in place, have at least one sponsoring church that will stand with the church plant financially, and have a meeting place secured. Europe Advance also recommends having a life-giving constitution and by-laws similar to the sample of the Europe Advance church bylaws. If the church planter is recommended from the assessment and has fulfilled these specific requirements, Europe Advance will then provide matching funds and make sure that the church plant meets its monthly budget for the first six months after its launch.

4. Launching Phase

When these following things have been done, the church planter is ready to launch a life-giving church in his city. Now, the launch team of 25 adults is ready to greet and welcome all the visitors in the first weekend, all advertising and mailers have gone out 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the first service, the worship team is well rehearsed, the church planter has taken his team through one or two practice services, the church planter is ready to start his first message series, and the children’s ministry is in place.