Our Values

We are a visionary, entrepreneurial band of pioneers

We don’t mind starting empty-handed.  We’re willing to invade hard territory with unlikely people.  We’re convinced God can do anything God wants with anyone God chooses.  We depend on each other, love each other, and go to war for each other.  We don’t subscribe to any one method, but we do have a few unique convictions.

The Acts of the Apostles is our textbook

We believe that First Century church planting principles still work.  Culture changes, but the principles of Jesus remain relevant.  We trace our roots back to a core group of 120 in an upper room in Jerusalem who launched a movement of church plants that extended to the ends of the earth.

Strategic cities are our context

We believe God’s creation story starts in a garden and ends in strategic locations worldwide where God has positioned pioneers to change cities and transform people groups.  God is behind world population explosion and is preparing the globe for the gospel.  We belong to God’s world-changing tribe.

Jesus is our message

We talk about Jesus everyday.  We fill our prayers with Jesus’ name.  We use Jesus’ life and ministry as our model.  If Jesus was willing to take His Father at His word, so are we.  If Jesus was willing to send, so are we.  If Jesus was willing to die, so are we.  We identify with fishermen who quit their jobs to follow the Rabbi.  Hopefully this sounds real simple.  We just want to please Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is our means

The Holy Spirit’s job is to put Jesus in the spotlight.  Since we share that goal we covet the Holy Spirit’s help by embracing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We believe these gifts can be expressed naturally, relationally and powerfully, and we will use them without pretence.

Sending is our strategy

We are uncomfortable with stationary church ministry.  We’re committed to multiplication.  We hold resources loosely because we believe they all belong to God.  God can reallocate people, money, equipment and materials as often as God chooses.  We believe scattering seed does more than storing it.  We value generosity.  We are motivated by the advancement of the Kingdom.  So we open our hands to receive, release, bless, and send.

Life-Giving Churches are our aim

We plant life-giving churches that are relevant to European society and are fresh in their expression of ministry.  These churches are places where people can learn to love God, love others and love life.  Europe Advance helps these churches to become healthy and growing communities, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The following core values are at the heart of the churches that are planted through Europe Advance:

  • They have high ethical values towards other churches in their communities.
  • They are passionate in their worship and want the Lord to move in power among both believers and non-believers.
  • They help bring about reconciliation between people and God, as well as among people and people groups, and help relationships to develop.
  • They teach the Bible in a scripturally sound and practical way.
  • They multiply themselves by raising up leaders, supporting missions and planting daughter churches.