Why Europe

Europe, the continent that once spread the message of Jesus Christ to all the world, is now referred to as “post-Christian”. Its cities are filled with historic church buildings, but most of them sit empty on Sunday morning. The traditional expressions of church are in decline and the majority of Europeans no longer embrace the message of Christ. Tragically, some have never even adequately heard this message! On top of that, an average of 339 people commit suicide every day in Europe.

While many have lost hope that Europe would ever embrace Christ again, churches that are relevant in their expression of faith and redemptive in the ministries that they offer have experienced significant growth over the last decade. At the same time, God has raised up a new generation of Christian leaders who are passionate about church planting so consequently many new communities of faith are being established.

It is our passion to see more churches planted with clear, strategic intention! Europe needs churches that are worthy of their cities!